I shoot people for many different occasion, but focus most of my effort on pinups, portraits, and life events (engagements, maternity, new family, etc.).  Most of my photos are non-studio, either taken at your home or in the great outdoors.  I have a pop up backdrop and lighting equipment which I can set up in your home in minutes.  I do have access to a studio if a more formal setting is requested.

I don't have set price packages because everyone has different needs, and I want to be able to flexible in my ability to meet those needs.  My pricing is divided into three sections, sitting + digital imaging + printing.  Prices range from $100-300, not including prints.


1.  Sitting Fees

Power hour session: $50.  One hour sessions are ideal for simple portrait and new family shoots.  You can divide this hour however many ways you want (individual portraits + portraits of the whole family, half shot inside, half shot outside, etc.) but please keep in mind that any transition or downtime is counted as part of the hour.   To get the most out of your hour, you should focus on one setting and one outfit.  One hour is also sufficient for a mini pinup shoot.

 Two hour session: $75.  Two hour sessions are ideal for full pinup shoots, portfolio building, engagement, and variety portraits.  With a two hour session, there is much more time to do outfit and location changes.  You can divide the time up however many ways you want (multiple outfits and locations), but please be realistic so we can maximize shooting time and get more great pictures :).

Two hour studio session: $125.  While I prefer working from your home (I do have a portable backdrop) or outside, sometimes a formal studio setting is required.  I do not have a studio of my own, but I do share time at a great local facility.  Studio sessions will be two hours long and can include as many outfit and backdrop changes as you prefer.

2.  Image Fees

Retouching images to make them look perfect and professional can take more time than the actual photo session.  After the session, I'll do a quick run through and delete images that don't work, then send you a web based proof sheet.  From this proof sheet, you can choose which images you want retouched.  You will then receive your final images in high resolution JPG format, along with a 5x7 proof pack.  RAW images will not be provided, as RAW images are only half finished.

5 final images: $50 

10 final images: $75 

25 final images: $150 

each addition 5 images: $30 

3.  Prints

Purchasing prints through me is optional.  You are given high resolution images which you may print for personal use as many times as you'd like.  If you would like to simplify the process and order prints though me, please let me know and I will send you my price sheet.  All of my prints will be through a professional provider, on Kodak Lustre paper.


a note about nudity

Because much of my photography involves nudity, safety, privacy, and discretion are of the utmost importance.  Any photos we take together will remain in my hands and be seen by my eyes alone, unless they are being taken to be published online.  All of the images on this site are here because the model has given me permission to post them online.

I am a female photographer and want you to feel as comfortable as possible when shooting with me.  Nudity doesn't phase me one bit.  I've seen it all.  When we are creating pictures together, I'm focusing on lighting.  The way your head is tilted.  If your back should be arched a bit more.  If your eyes are in focus.  If you happen to be nude, it really makes zero difference.