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November 14, 2018

Jenny and Josh’s East Austin Engagement


Do you ever have days where you think everything will go exactly as expected… and then nothing goes as expected… but it ends up being totally awesome anyway? Well, that’s how I feel this session in east Austin with Jenny and Josh went!

Normally I arrive to shoots at least thirty minutes early so that I can scope the place out, find a few different scenes where the light works, figure out what’s going to happen where, and come up with a plan of attack. Because I was shooting this session in a place I’ve shot and visited approximately a million times, I wasn’t even flinching. Arrived a few minutes early, didn’t think I needed to evaluate my options. But then, to my surprise, the place where I planned to do the majority of our pictures was completely flooded and inaccessible. And the pretty golden sunsets I usually try to take advantage of? Replaced with a very cold day and cloudy skies.

But… I’m totally glad things didn’t go as planned! They brought along a blanket (I had brought one along also, but theirs was way cuter) and snuggled up and made one of my favorite pictures ever. I’ve been eyeballing these bright wildflowers every time I shoot at Roy G Guerrero, but I’ve never been able to shoot in that area because the light is typically blinding and unpleasant. I finally got to shoot there due to the cloudy skies! And I don’t know what it was, probably the cold weather, but I was very much in the mood to take some mushy gushy pictures. Thank you, Josh, for being such a great sport, and Jenny, for just being the sweetest.

Scroll down for lots of pictures of cute people kissing.



Thank you and Congratulations, Jenny and Josh!