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November 4, 2018

Baby Fever and Betraying my Old Favorite Lens


Last Friday, I got together with this former-ish coworker and her husband to take some sweet maternity photos. I recently moved up to Cedar Park, and this park is walking distance from my house! I’ve visited it many times, of course, but this was my first time shooting at Milburn Park. After scoping around for a few minutes, I found a perfect little spot at the back of the park where the trees covered just enough to let the sunlight shine through, but not enough that it was blinding.Okay, maybe a little blinding in a few pictures. But sometimes, I like that look.

I recently bought a new lens, a 70-200 Tamron G2 zoom lens. I bought this lens with the intention of using it almost exclusively for wedding ceremonies. I’m pretty loyal to my 50mm Sigma Art for portrait sessions. I’ve always been a prime lens shooter, but I knew I needed a versatile zoom lens for ceremonies so I can stay out of the way and not be constantly moving. For background, prime lenses require you to be constantly moving forward and backward, while zoom lenses allow you to, well, zoom, instead of moving.I’ve taken my new Tamron along to the last couple shoots I’ve done, and… I think it might be my new favorite. The funny thing is, I’m so used to shooting with primes that I’m still constantly moving back and forth and repositioning. But the images from this lens are just so crisp and nice. I love the compression of the background shooting at 200mm instead of my typical 50mm. I think I might be switching over to the dark side. I’m sorry, 50mm prime!

That was probably a pretty boring paragraph if you’re not interested in cameras, so let’s talk about babies instead. Y’all, these two soon-to-be-parents were so fun to shoot! I forgot what that feeling is like, that feeling of almost being a new parent. It’s such an amazing time. There’s so much adventure to come, and you’re just standing on the edge and waiting for it. It’s the same face people make right after they get married. It’s my favorite energy. It’s love and curiosity and anxiousness and excitement. Baby Cruz is going to be so loved. He is very lucky to have parents that clearly can’t wait to introduce him to the world.



This last picture. I feel like anyone who has had a baby is familiar with that facial expression. That “Oh shi*t. We’re really doing this. This is really happening.” communication that’s said just by looking into the eyes of your partner. It’s real, y’all! So excited for these two, soon to be three.

Congratulations to this new family!