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December 19, 2018

Ariane and Jeff at Sekrit Theater


Okay, so I have a bucket list of fun shoots that I really want to do. One of the things on my list that never seems to happen is a super rainy, romantic, silly engagement session. And I finally got it with Ariane and Jeff!

I had two sessions on back to back days with Brenda+Bo and Ariane+Jeff. I gave both of them the disclaimer that, well, we might get rained on. I told them both that if it rains, I still really want to shoot their session, and if they end up hating the rainy look, we can always shoot again. Brenda and Bo got a little teeny taste of the rain, but Ariane and Jeff got down-poured on.

I roll up to Sekrit Theater and basically the rainiest point of the day. When I check in, the space manager said “wow… you’re brave.” And yeah, it was definitely raining more than I expected! I took an umbrella reflector on a tripod and put it up over my head, so that I could shoot without holding an umbrella. It actually worked pretty well. 8/10, would use janky umbrella stand again.

Anyway, this was such a fun shoot. After Sekrit Theater, which is of course an absolutely beautiful and cool space (I’d love to explore around it some more!), we ended up going to a park to well, just run around in the rain. We all got soaking wet, Ariane jumped in some giant puddles, and it was all just silly and ridiculous. The fact that people trust me when I tell them to run around and do silly things and get drenched in the rain is really humbling. And these two were just great.

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Thank you, Ariane and Jeff, for a day of adventure!