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December 22, 2018

The Balancing Act and a One Year Old


I’m busy, guys. I work a full time job, follow a passion that is quickly turning into a full time job, and take care of a baby. And I’ve been able to juggle things pretty well until a couple of weeks ago. When we were introduced to our new one year old.

This new one year old… she’s tough. She needs to be followed around every single moment. She wants only what she wants. She takes 45 minutes to eat a meal because she refuses to be fed, she has to do it herself. This sweet little thing is suddenly a grown ass independent woman who requires absolute non stop attention. Just a complete and sudden shift. It’s wild.

And it’s been a struggle. I work my day job and come home at 3pm praying that she’s going to take an extra fifteen minutes of nap time so that I can respond to a couple of emails (spoiler alert: she never does). I pull up a laptop and schedule an instagram post while she watches cartoons (which we try to limit but come on, we’re humans). When she goes to sleep at 8:30 I get two hours all to myself to… relax? No. To get a chance to work on photography things. I finally get a chance to do what I’ve been trying to do all day, before falling asleep and starting it over again.

And some nights, I relax for those two “me” hours instead of working. And that’s nice too. But the relaxing makes me feel more guilty than anything, so I’d rather get work done and feel accomplished.

I’ve kind of lost track of some friends. And that stinks. I only have so many pieces of pie to spread around and my friendships have been the sacrificial lamb. I hope my priorities shift around a bit over the next couple of years, but right now it’s hard to spend an evening out with friends without thinking “dang, I could really use this free time working on editing that wedding from two weeks ago.”

Anyway, I have a one year old. And she’s a totally new human than she was last month. And it’s getting hard. She’s smart and vocal and requires non stop attention. But we’re making it happen.

Here are some photos from her first birthday party. She had an absolutely amazing True and The Rainbow Kingdom (the only television show that she’ll watch) cake from Michelle’s Patisserie. They also made a super cute smash cake. They do such wonderful work!!


Happy birthday, Penny Dee