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June 16, 2018

Our First Anniversary


Today is a very special day for me! One year ago, Zak and I got married.

On a very hot Friday one year ago today, me and my husband got married. I can’t believe it’s been a year, it has absolutely flow by.

We’ve had a whirlwind of a time for the beginning of our lives together. Two months into our relationship, Zak told me he loved me while we sat by a campfire. Three months into our relationship, I recall having wine with my future maid of honor and saying “things are going really great… I think I’m going to marry him?”. Around six months in, we moved in together, and at a year together, he proposed.

We picked our date, November 11th. We put down deposits on our venue and photographer, I bought my dress, and we started very loosely planning everything. We knew we wanted to start trying for a baby right after the wedding or maybe even a month or two before, but it was definitely a surprise when we found out we were having a baby a month after our planned wedding date.

  photo by Katrina Barber   

photo by Katrina Barber  

Getting married at 8 months pregnant just did not sound like my favorite thing ever, so we moved the wedding up to less than three months out. The “save the dates” sitting on the counter waiting to be mailed got put in the recycling bin. We found a date in June that our venue, photographer, and important family members were all available. I wore my beautiful wedding dress through the ceremony and family formals, then quickly changed into something casual that I could actually breathe in with my newly acquired bosom. I drank non-alcoholic beer. Our officiant, one of Zak’s friends, did an amazing job. We had a fun, and maybe a little thrown together, June 16th wedding.

  photo by Katrina Barber

photo by Katrina Barber

I’m not going to pretend it hasn’t been a hard and hectic first year of marriage. Being newlyweds and new parents at the same time has been tough; we’re trying to figure out multiple facets of our relationship and do so with lots of elements being thrown in the mix. But we’re a team and we solve the problems. I’m married to someone that I know loves me more than I could possibly imagine, and I the same. He’s an amazing father to our baby, can strike up a conversation with anyone, and annoyingly talented at so many things.

No matter what happens in my life, I’m incredibly lucky to have found this love. I’m so excited to grow and change and continue to build a life with the fine gentleman I get to call my husband. Thankful for this year, and thankful for all of them in our future.

I love you, boo!