Photoshoots, Portraits

March 8, 2018

Carson announces a baby sibling


This gentleman is close to my heart, of course! Because… he’s my nephew!

I love getting a chance to visit and shoot in Tyler, TX. We got together at Faulkner Park on the south side of town for this shoot. I wanted to get some shots of him alone and also him with my daughter. But after making him stay still for a pretty long time, we didn’t have a lot of success in the pictures of them together. You may notice Penny (my daughter) face planting into a blanket behind him… hey, that’s life sometimes haha.

The most important reason behind the photo shoot that evening was to take pictures for a second baby announcement! My brother and sister in law will be having another baby, Carson will be having a sibling, and I’ll get getting a new niece or nephew! Could not be more thrilled for those amazing parents.

I can’t wait to meet your little sibling in October!