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May 31, 2018

Penny Dee is Six Months Old


Penny Dee is six months old and taking on the world.

This little pooptart is six months old, and I can’t believe how the time has passed! We finally had to get her a high chair, since she’s a Grown Ass Woman, so I took the opportunity to do a little shooting with little miss Dee.

Really though, how did this baby get so big? And why it taking care of this little tooter so much easier than everyone told me it would be? We’ve had a lot of stresses lately and not one of them has been about this little bundle of burps. I’ve got 99 problems opportunities for improvement but a baby ain’t one? Thank you for being the best!

I’ve been meaning to make it up to Ikea for a while to grab this simple little high chair. I had an amazing family friend tell me she wasn’t to gift us a high chair, and I felt silly saying “you know, I’ve actually heard the best things about the $20 chair from Ikea…” hah. Nothing beats something simple and easy to clean! On Mother’s Day, Zak asked me what I wanted to do after celebrating with his family, and I jumped at the opportunity. He couldn’t say no and he knew it ;). Nothing like ambushing your husband with a trip to Ikea.

It’s so neat to see this little lady go from basically being an adorable potato to becoming this tiny human. She thinks, she grabs things, she rolls around, she eats mushy fruits… I mean, she’s basically an adult now.