Photoshoots, Portraits

July 16, 2018

My Second Shoot with Caelum


My coworker and one of the sweet gals I know, Cherilyn, found out she was having a baby a couple of months after I did. I really enjoyed chatting with her throughout our pregnancies because I felt like both of us were… just completely clueless about having babies haha. It’s been great to have someone I know going through all the similar stages of baby-dom.

Her adorable little baby boy, Caelum, was born two months after Penny. I got to take some newborn pictures of him, and I’m very glad I did. I think shooting pictures of Caelum on a cloudy day without a lot of sun solidified the fact that I needed new gear. I outgrew my old camera and needed a lighting setup.

Five months later, I got to revisit Caelum. This time, we got Cherilyn in front of the camera as well. So fun to see how much he’s changed!

He may or may not have had a diaper blowout towards the beginning of your shoot… hah! I’ve come to realize that’s life when you have a baby, they’re always doing things like that at the least opportune time. But that didn’t stop us from getting some great pictures of that little man.

Thanks for getting together with me, Caelum and Cherilyn!