Couples, Photoshoots

July 26, 2018

A Driskill Hotel Engagement Session


I recently got the opportunity to shoot this lovely couple, Emma and Ramsey. Oh, and Emma just happens to be the badass boss lady at my day job.

They got super fancied up! I usually shoot sessions where everyone is dressed more casual, so it was really nice to change things up and take pictures of these two while they were dressed to the nines. Seriously, every gentleman needs to get himself a nice, tailored suit. Ramsey looked awesome! It obviously goes without saying that Emma did as well.

They suggested we shoot at the beautiful Driskill Hotel in downtown Austin. I stayed there ages ago, before I even lived in Austin, and it’s such a beautiful historic building. It turns out they suggested the Driskill because Ramsey’s parents got married there many moons ago! There’s a picture of Ramsey’s dad seated at the piano while his mom leaned next to it, so we attempted to recreate the image. I love that the places we ended up shooting their engagement session at had meaning behind them. We finished up the day shooting at Spiderhouse, an eclectic spot in Hyde Park, where they had their first date. I might make another post with those photos :).

Thank you two for getting fancy and spending the afternoon with me!