About Tara, For Photogs

July 29, 2018

Prints are the real social media


I love being a photographer. I love taking pictures, making people feel beautiful, seeing people in love. There are many reasons to love being a photographer, but the one that resonates the most with me is providing moments captured that can be shown to friends and future generations.

We get very caught up in the fleeting images that flow through our instagram feed. We snap a great picture on vacation and share it on Facebook. We are the most photographed generation ever. But if we aren’t careful, those images will be lost and forgotten.

Your great-grandchildren are not going to go on your instagram.

Prints are the real social media. When guests are at my house, they aren’t looking at pictures on my phone, they’re looking at prints on my wall. They’re looking at a photo album. We’re talking in person, we’re laughing, we’re telling stories. Those interactions are lost on the internet and they’ll be lost in digital photos.

As the number of people in my life that I love continues to grow, I’ve realized how important printed photos are. I currently offer high resolution digital photos because that’s what clients want, but please, get them printed! I hate the thought that the pictures you spend your time and money creating with me would get lost in the vast corners of the internet. Print them out, throw them in a box under your bed, and revisit them as you grow older. These are freeze frames of your memories. Your memories shouldn’t be fodder for the internet.