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October 19, 2018

I’ve been a Bad Business Runner this Month.


This month, I’ve been a bad business runner. I haven’t been quick to respond to emails and inquiries. I haven’t been looking ahead and planning the coming weeks. I haven’t been good at posting to social media. I even completely forgot to respond to an inquiry on Wedding Wire.

At the end of last month, I moved from south Austin to Cedar Park. Everything in boxes and split between storage and home, wondering where the heck half of my things are. This sudden cold front has made me realize all of my sweaters are MIA. I’ve been distracted. My niece had her first birthday party, I have a bachelorette party this weekend, and I’m in a wedding the next. I’ve switched my day job hours and location. Somewhere along the lines, I put my photography on the back burner.

And the thing is, I didn’t consciously do anything to neglect my business. This is my passion, I would never intentionally put it in any priority other than “high.” But it only takes a tiny step back to lose momentum. Or no action at all.

Have you ever procrastinated a task for a super long time and then when you actually do it, it takes you five minutes and you’re like “why the eff did I wait so long to do that?” and you get inspired to keep going? Like, there’s a pile of clean clothes sitting on a chair and you just keep ignoring it. Then you finally put the laundry away and realize how silly it was that you put it off. And when you finish that small task, you notice that your jewelry is disorganized and messy, so you clean that. And then when you finish cleaning that, you take out the trash. And then when you finish that you clean out the stuff you left in your car yesterday. And suddenly, all of this stuff is getting DONE and it didn’t even really take a lot of effort. Does this sound familiar to anyone besides me?

If you want to gain momentum on something, just fricking start. You’re never going to get better unless you start. You’re never going to accomplish the goal if you don’t make a small step. You’re going to be great. But you need to build the momentum. Moment after moment after moment, you need to focus on the end goal. Because momentum goes the other way, too. You respond late to an email? Small step back. You ditch a workshop? Small step back. Do literally nothing at all? Small step back. You can go either way, y’all, why not make small, intentional moves towards the things you want?

Just fricking do it!