Couples, Photoshoots

August 29, 2018

Cindy and Jared at Texas Old Town


Last week I got to meet and shoot this super sweet couple that’s getting married next year! This was a fun session for me because they’re one of the couples I’m shooting in Spring, and we actually shot AT their venue for the engagement session.

This was my first time venturing out to Texas Old Town, a venue in Kyle, TX. And it’s so cute! The landscaping is super picturesque. I love that everything about it screams “Texas Wedding”, beyond even the name itself, heh. We shot this session at Stone Hall, which is across the property from the rest of the Texas Old Town spaces.

About half way through the shoot I got sunscreen in my eye BAD. Guys, I don’t know how I’m constantly doing this. Almost every time I’m shooting a couple in the evening, it ends with me getting sunscreen in my eyes. I’m a normal functioning adult, what gives? How is everyone else capable of NOT getting sunscreen in their eyes when it’s sweaty weather out? I guess the fact that I’m staring in the direction of the sun while I shoot doesn’t help, but good golly y’all.

Anyway… here are some pictures of the super cute Cindy and Jared!


Thank you for spending your evening with me!