Couples, Photoshoots

September 1, 2018

Kerri, Kevin and Perfectly Placed Park Benches


Last week I got together with a long lost coworker, Kerri! She has this boyfriend and they’re constantly posting ridiculously cute pictures on Instagram. I had a free evening and asked her if she wanted to shoot a quick little mini session at a park near me, Mary Moore Searight. I’d somehow never ventured my way to it, even though it’s five minutes away. Ugh, they’re so cute! 

There was this park bench at Mary Moore Searight that I swear had no other reason for its positioning sans that it’s a great place to take pictures. It was literally just facing a bunch of bushes, away from the covered seating area. I’m almost certain someone said “dayummmm, look at that perfect lighting. We’re putting a bench there.” Thank you, random park bench installer who also shows a fondness for photography.

Anyway, yeah, they’re cute. Short blog post today. It’s Saturday. Here are some pictures!


It was great getting to see you, Kerri!