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August 8, 2018

Sunday’s Highlight Reel


Jessica Frey, a photographer I love to follow and admire, posted a little quote on her instagram story recently that I really enjoyed.



Isn’t that the truth! We all have bad days. We all have great days. We only share the accomplishments and successes, never the misses and disappointment. When you’re feeling a little down (or a lot down), just remember that we’re all struggling to make it work. 

Monday was Zak’s birthday, so Sunday we had a barbecue and gathering with our families. Zak isn’t much about celebrating his birthday (boring!), which means the party basically just turned into a “let’s all celebrate this adorable baby” party instead. Which I’m completely okay with… we DO have a really cute baby.

This is our highlight reel. These are some of my favorite people. Sunday was a great day.



So much love for this crazy family of mine!