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September 11, 2018

An Engagement and a Flame Thrower: A Love Story


Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending an engagement party for two fabulous humans, Tyson and Kendra! Tyson and my husband were high school friends who reunited a couple of years ago. Tyson is an amazing musician (among other things) and joined Zak’s band shortly after their reunion. Kendra is this hilarious spitfire of a gal who might be one of the most personable women I’ve ever met. Oh, and they’re both super smart and career driven. Together, they’re an unstoppable force, and I’m so so so excited for them!

Kendra asked me if I could take some pictures of the party and of course I was happy to do so. To be honest, I get pretty introverted at parties where I only know a couple of people. I’m much better if I have a job or task to perform, otherwise I’ll probably sit in a corner petting the dog. I love having an assignment :).

It was such a great party. I wouldn’t expect any less from these two and their wonderful families. After some very sweet speeches, Kendra’s brother busted out a flame thrower. Or rather… not a flame thrower. Pro tip to everyone, if you ever feel like a party is reaching a lull, just bring out your flame thrower and let guests play with it. I promise it will liven things up.


Congratulations to Kendra and Tyson!