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April 24, 2019

Spinelli’s Wedding Venue with Brenda and Beau

Spent a lovely day shooting the wedding of Brenda and Beau at Spinelli’s Wedding Venue in Comfort, TX. And wow, what a cool venue it was! The chapel area looks almost like a castle outside, with tons of great spots to photograph portraits. I’d love to go back there, even though it was a little far from my normal stomping ground!

These two were just hilarious and a ton of fun. I asked them to dance as a portrait prompt to get them to slow dance and they started singing boy band songs and fast dancing (see photo evidence below). I wish them a bright future and think they’re going to have such a happy life together!

I know my glorious writing skills aren’t why you’re looking at this blog though, so let’s look at some wedding photography! Here is Brenda and Beau’s wedding at Spinelli’s Wedding Venue in Comfort.