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December 13, 2018

Brenda and Bo’s Gruene Engagement


Last week I got the pleasure of meeting these two in Gruene, TX! I’d only been two Gruene twice before. Once, many years ago just to stop by and eat, and once again a couple months ago for a rehearsal dinner. Gruene is such a cute little town! When I got there, I walked around a few minutes to scope a couple of spots out. When I met up with Brenda and Bo, they showed me a great little area that I had no idea even existed. I love hearing other people’s ideas and leaving things open ended, sometimes. The spots they had in mind were so much more lovely than the ones I had found! They were referred over from another couple I recently shot, Cindy and Jared. Thank you for sending your awesome friends my way, guys!

It was a gloomy, misty day outside. I’m actually really starting to embrace and love the winter weather that’s been coming through. On an overcast day, we can shoot anywhere and not worry about any harsh lighting.

I tried something new and attempted to put a bright flash on Brenda and Bo and close my aperture up to make it look like night. I had a little success and a little failure. It’s been fun trying a few new things lately though. Get the shots that are safe and I love, of course, but trying new things keeps things interesting.

Anyways, here are the photos from our fun, rainy day in Gruene, TX.


Thank you for reminding me why I love this job!