January 12, 2021

Bridals at Blue Hills Ranch

It’s SO rare that I end up doing a bridal session in lieu of an engagement session! When Charlotte told me she wanted bridals, I couldn’t have been more excited. She seriously looked like a Disney princess. We did the session at Blue Hills Ranch, which is also where their wedding took place (blog coming soon for that!). Blue Hills Ranch is a new wedding venue in the Waco area, and I was pleasantly surprised by it! I’m always a little worried about brand new venues, because they’re still working out their flow. I was very impressed by Blue Hills Ranch! For a new venue, things ran incredibly smoothly. I saw changes and construction even between Charlotte’s bridal session and their wedding about a month later, I can’t wait to see the changes by next time I visit!

Oh yeah. we got to meet giraffes. Did I mention there are giraffes? and Zebras? And I think more critters now even? Totally a cool new Waco area wedding venue!

It was so fun to get to focus so much time JUST on beautiful portraits of a bride! On wedding days, I work hard to be super efficient so that couples can get back to the party quickly. But with Charlotte’s bridal session, we really got to relax and take out time. As you can see from the photos below, the light went from bright afternoon colors to golden hour. Totally changes the look of the photos and I love getting so much variety!

Anyway, on to some lovely photos of a lovely gal in her lovely wedding attire at Blue Hills Ranch!