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January 9, 2019

Jane and Sawyer’s Courthouse Elopement


On new years eve, I had the pleasure of getting to witness the elopement of two sweet friends, Jane and Sawyer.

I’ve known Jane for many years, since before I could legally drink. I was there the first time Sawyer and Jane met. Oh, and Jane just happened to be my roommate at the time. They instantly became best friends and I knew something interesting was brewing for their future. Little did I know they’d end up getting married a few years later, nor that I’d get to be there to capture it.

On the 28th, I was working the day job (where Jane is also a coworker) when she asked my to put her on the schedule to get her hair done on New Years Eve. I offered her a 10am time, and she asked for 8am… Guys. You don’t get out of bed to get your hair done at 8am unless you’re getting into something special. This was when she spilled the beans that they were eloping and asked if I could take some pictures. Being a total New Years homebody (it’s my favorite day to relax on the couch with yummy snacks and avoid crowds), I was free. And so excited!

There’s something really romantic about a courthouse marriage. Maybe it’s the juxtapose of such a pretty thing in such a unremarkable space. Or the simplicity. I’m not sure. But it’s a very special thing. I took pictures of their very short ceremony and a quick portrait session outside. So excited for them and the relaxing, stress-free start to their marriage!


Congratulations, Jane and Sawyer!