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December 27, 2018

Jenna and Aaron at Roseland Chapel


On December 15th, I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Jenna and Aaron! Aaron is my sister-in-law’s brother (did you follow that?). I’ve known him for years and he’s such a nice, honest, good guy. He has an adorable daughter and is a great father. Then along comes Jenna, this gal that is also a sweet, nice, honest, good gal. Who also has an adorable daughter and is a great mother. So ya know, their marriage and love was kind of a no brainer ;).

They got married at Roseland Chapel in Ben Wheeler, TX. I made the day trip over and sang about 50 of my favorite jams, so my voice was pretty gone when I finally made it. Y’all. This space was so lovely!! A totally unexpected gem in east Texas. Highly recommend the Roseland Plantation if anyone is having a small wedding in the Tyler area. The chapel is pretty cozy, but looking at photos from other weddings there is looks like they do larger ceremonies outside. It was so bright and inviting, and there were multiple great places to take wedding portraits. Aaron and Jenna had a very small, relaxed ceremony, but I’d love to spend the day exploring the whole plantation and all it has to offer. I venture a guess that there’s a lot more amazing-ness that I didn’t see.

I’m so so so very happy for these two. I think three weeks before their wedding they asked me if I was free, and I was excited to report that it was my only free weekend over the next two months. Fate, heh. It was a small ceremony full of love and the coming together of a new family. Jenna looked beautiful, Aaron looked handsome, and their girls looked sweet as could be.


Congratulations to Jenna, Aaron, and their two (soon to be three!!) kiddos!