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January 5, 2019

Sara and Travis at Graceland Oaks


Finally posting photos from the wedding of the lovely Sara and Travis! There were so many photos to go through and I had a hard time choosing my favorites, so I ended up procrastinating this blog a bit. But here they are!

Sara and Travis had such a lovely little vintage wedding. So many sweet details that you can tell were very thought out and sentimental. They incorporated their darling daughter in every aspect of the wedding. It was such a warm and eclectic group of friends and family. Such a joyous and loving event. Sara has wonderful taste and her fingerprints and touches were all over this day.

They got married at Graceland Oaks and the weather was SO perfect. Graceland Oaks is a great little venue attached to Graceland Grocers (and Stubbs BBQ!). I’m familiar with it because my husband’s band occasionally plays acoustic shows there, and I have no idea there was a wedding venue on the other side of the property! It’s a great little tucked away gem. I think this may be one of their first years being open. Very cool space.

Sara is a dancer and has tons of talented dancing friends, which made the reception just way too fun. So much dancing, great music, and smiling faces all around. Would definitely call this wedding a success <3.



Congratulations, Sara and Travis, and thank you for letting me document your wedding!