November 2, 2019

Shelby and Colby at Georgetown Courthouse

After a nice little hiatus this August and settling into my new Dallas home, I had the pleasure of returning back to work with Shelby and Colby! These two are so laid back and cool. I’m very lucky in that a vast majority of the brides I work with are incredibly chill and relaxed, but Shelby is definitely on my list of most laid back ladies. Everything about this day just effortlessly worked. I mean, obviously a lot of effort and preparation went into the effortless day! But if there were any stressful moments, I sure did not see them.

The ceremony took place at Williamson County Courthouse in Georgetown, TX. The more time I spend in Georgetown, the more I love it. This lovely historical courthouse is such a great little spot to get married! And the downtown square is super charming.

The reception took place at The Sheraton and they did a wonderful job accommodating Shelby and Colby. I had a hard time editing this wedding around lunch because I kept drooling over photos of the delicious charcuterie. Again, everything just organized and stress free.

Congratulations to Shelby and Colby!! Now on to the reason you’re here, photos!