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Tara and Aaron

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Smile! You're on Tara's camera.

I take a fly-on-the-wall approach to shooting weddings. I firmly believe that your wedding should be about... your wedding! Photos are certainly important (and I take them VERY seriously, y'all), but I want your wedding day to be a super awesome love party that I happen to be there to photograph. Your wedding isn't a photo op! Besides formal posed photos, I try to take a hands off approach to being your wedding photographer. My goal is to become invisible and capture you and your family enjoying laughs, drinks, and memories. I shoot and edit weddings in a light and airy style that I believe will look classic for years to come.

The Ivory Oak Wedding

Casa Blanca on Brushy Creek Wedding

Vintage Oaks Ranch Wedding

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I've been shooting weddings since 2017 and love getting to meet so many amazing newly weds! Weddings have quickly become my favorite genre to photograph. When I'm not gushing over how pretty you look in your wedding dress, I'm hanging out with my two little kiddos in Georgetown. I spend my days sing-screaming along to Disney movies, baking the best focaccia, and playing RingFit Adventure until my legs explode.

I'm Tara, a wedding photographer based in Austin, TX. I take Light, Airy, vibrant Wedding photos of happy Central Texas Couples.

Light and airy wedding photographer in Austin, TX.
Let's have some fun and capture some memories!

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Currently booking 2021 and 2022 central Texas weddings! I still have a few 2021 weddings available. I've been getting a lot of inquiries from Spring 2022 brides, so don't wait to reach out!

Wedding photography collections range greatly and I'm happy to with work with you to match the best services for your budget. "Affordable" means something different to everyone, but hopefully I can provide you with light and airy wedding photography within your budget!

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