Wedding photography for happy humans. When did photography become so serious? Let's have fun and make some memories! 

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If you're not having fun while I take pictures of you, something is seriously wrong. I'm a professional creep when you're sharing a sweet moment and your personal posing guru when you want a little help. I like junk food, pugs, hot tubs, sheet masks, being nice, gel pens, and 30 Rock. And probably you.

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I'm Tara, a wedding photographer based in Austin, TX. I take bright, vibrant photos of happy humans.




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Shelby and Colby

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At Georgetown Courthouse

Amber and Trevor

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AT Vintage Oaks Ranch

Katie and Dalton

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At Lone Oak Barn

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Smile! You're on Tara's camera.

I kind of dig the idea that your wedding should be about... your wedding! Photos are certainly important (and I take them VERY seriously, y'all), but I want your wedding day to be a super awesome love party that I happen to be there to capture. Your wedding isn't a photo op! Besides formal posed photos, I try to take a hands off approach to your wedding day coverage. My goal is to become invisible and capture you and your family enjoying laughs, drinks, and memories.

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Fully committed through May 2020, but plenty of available wedding dates for the rest of the year and beyond!

Wedding collections range greatly and I'm happy with work with you to match the best services for your budget. All collections include an online gallery to download your full resolution digital images.

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