Hi, my name is Tara and I cut my hair by watching a youtube tutorial.

About Tara

Tara Lyons (me!) is a 30 something gal who absolutely loves taking pictures. But there are a few other things I like, too! I have two amazing kiddos, and a dumb pug named Bissy (aka Anubis, guardian of the dead). Turns out, my hobbies overlap a lot with toddlers. (You wanna swing? heck yeah! You wanna dance to Moana for the 5th time this week? heck yeah! You wanna eat some ice cream? heck yeah! And btw, I'm stealing your Halloween candy when you go to sleep.)

I love pizza, beer, and warm chocolate chip cookies (did someone say Tiff's Treats?). I also love sitting in a hot tub, lounging in a hammock, and roller blading. In the Summer I live to be in or near any body of water. I love to cook (if you follow me on instagram 75% of my stories are about food). I'm an introvert who absolutely loves people.

Tara loves...

Bright Lipstick

I set the bar low for new years a few years ago and my resolution was "wear more lipstick".


Baking it. Eating it. Dipping it in olive oil. My husband probably thinks "I wish you looked at me the way you look at bread."


I have no idea why else I'm paying for Hulu. I binge watch the heck out of this show.

The Other Tara

I'm constantly getting spam email from this Tara that lives in Australia and signs up for dating sites using my email address. Let's just say she's into some weird stuff. Leave me alone!


Meh. Just not much of a fan.


I'm a super super picky eater. I wish I wasn't!

and doesn't love...

I would describe my photography style as a bit intimate and simple. I like to shoot with a wide open aperture (that’s what makes the pretty blurred, bokeh backgrounds), simple subject, with lots of empty space. I specialize in portraiture, if that isn’t obvious! I love and appreciate beautiful landscape photos, super zoomed in macros, and intricate photoshop art, but I live and thrive taking pictures of humans.

As far as editing goes, I have a hard time sticking to one editing style. For engagement shoots, I typically love a warm, glowing sunset, magic hour, dreamy look. For children’s portraits and families I like slightly overexposed, bright, colorful images. On portraits and pinups of individuals I have a little more fun and don’t show much consistency; I go with whatever looks best with the session and go a little more trendy.

For weddings, I like a bright, clean, classic look. I want there to be something special and different about it, but not so different that the images will be dated in a few years. There are a lot of trendy looks that I really enjoy, but I don’t think they have a place in wedding photography. That being said, when I start the editing process for wedding photos, I may send a few sneak peaks to the bride and groom edited in different ways and ask how THEY prefer the images look, if I like multiple edits.

For black and white images, I go with lots of contrast, punch, and detail in highlights. I edit them a bit dark with no true blacks. I can appreciate all styles of color photography, but nothing turns me off faster than a low contrast, boring, flat black and white edit. Bleh.