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December 19, 2019

Amber and Trevor at Vintage Oaks Ranch


December 19, 2019

Amber and Trevor at Vintage Oaks Ranch

Last month I had the pleasure of photographing Amber and Trevor’s wedding at Vintage Oaks Ranch in Axtell, TX (outside of Waco). Y’allllll! Amber was the giddiest, sweetest, most chill bride ever. I’m incredibly lucky that basically EVERYONE I work with is happy and excited and amazing, but Amber was just exuding so much happiness. I love getting to see how different everyone I work with is. Everyone expresses their love and excitement in different ways, and every way they do it is awesome and it just never gets old.

Vintage Oaks Ranch is a fabulous gem of a venue hidden in Axtell. This was my first time visiting this Waco area venue, and I loved it! The photos online are great, but you really never 100% know how the lighting is going to be in various spacious until the day of the wedding. And the lighting and weather were absolutely perfect. But even if it wasn’t, there are so many great spaces to shoot at the venue that it wouldn’t matter. I hope I get to visit Vintage Oaks Ranch again in the future! A beautiful, wonderful wedding! Though, I fear poor Trevor may have gotten hit in the eye with birdseed during their exit. You can’t win ’em all ;).

Anyway, you’re probably here for pictures. So here are some pictures!

Congratulations, Amber and Trevor!!


Venue: Vintage Oaks Ranch

Coordinator: Amber at Vintage Oaks Ranch